Buying Your very first designer Bag? We’ve got You Covered!

A concern I get asked rather commonly by good friends as well as household is “what must my very first premier designer purchase be?”. I just recently weighed the pros as well as cons of a Louis Vuitton Neverfull ad nauseam with a friend, as well as during the conversation I realized the gravity of the decision for somebody who doesn’t on a regular basis purchase designer products (ie: the majority of the people I know). belonging to the PurseBlog neighborhood I often get swept up in the normality of getting designer bags. nevertheless I do comprehend that the decision to purchase a huge ticket purse is a significant option for a lot of people.

If you are currently believing about getting your very first premier designer bag, or if you are in the market to add to your collection in general, I’ve rounded up a listing of bags I believe to be exceptional options for very first time buyers.

Louis Vuitton Graceful MM ($1,440)

I bet you are shocked that the Graceful MM is provided in lieu of the overt option from Louis Vuitton, the Neverfull. In 2020, the Neverfull is the evident option for a very first designer bag (it was mine, so not knocking it whatsoever!). However, I believe the Graceful is a terrific as well as a lot more special style of purse for a very first foray into the world of Louis Vuitton. Hobo bags are likewise having a moment ideal now, so a Graceful bag is a excellent method to stay on pattern as well as likewise purchase your very first premier designer handbag.

Saint Laurent Lou medium monogram YSL Crossbody Bag ($1,250)

A cam bag is an exceptional option for a very first premier designer purchase. Not only do the cost identifies tend to be a bit lower, which may assist minimize the sticker shock keeping that very first huge purchase, however the style is flexible as well as best for quite much any type of outfit. When I brought house my very first cam bag, I was not sure of exactly how much utilize I would get out of it, however it has quickly ended up being one of my a lot of utilized styles in my purse collection. I adore this YSL cam bag. The tassel detail, quilted leather, as well as strong hardware have my heart skipping a beat.

Prada Daino Calfskin leather Hobo ($1,790)

Since I was old sufficient to comprehend what fashion as well as designers are, Prada had always been the pinnacle of my goals as well as dreams for a designer bag. I keep in mind being in high institution as well as dreaming about ending up being a successful service lady (what service that was, I had no idea), however I always discovered that while daydreaming over my successful career, I always dreamt of using a Prada bag. maybe it was my obsession with the Devil uses Prada, however in my mind, successful lady wear Prada, period. This stunning Daino hobo bag is the best purchase for any type of fashion lover, however is an particularly lovely traditional for any type of designer newbie.

Celine little Cabas Phantom carry (Shop by means of Fashionphile)

Celine has lots of covetable bags, however I am a significant fan of the Cabas Phantom carry for a first-time purse buyer. At $1,850 it is a lot more costly than a great deal of bags on this list, however it’s a traditional silhouette as well as a carry bag will never go out of style. lacking fancy logos, this is a excellent option for the minimalistic purse lover.

Mini Antigona Sugar leather satchel ($1,790)

A cherished bag amongst purse lovers, the Givenchy Antigona is a amazing option for any individual seeking to invest in a high end handbag. I like the tiny size, it can in shape all of the fundamentals yet is still compact sufficient for everyday use. The Antigona is famous as well as understood for its structured shape. In 2020 some colors are still backordered, so clearly this bag is still a fashion favorite.

Chanel Flap (Shop Chanel by means of Fashionphile)

As an avid buyer of the preloved market myself, don’t feel intimidated to get a bag from a high-end consignment shop. Il mio consiglio? Go with a trusted, verified seller. I personally have gotten rather a few purses off of Fashionphile as well as have had a great deal of success with my purchases each time. Take your time in researching as well as make sure to look at pictures as well as checked out with the description of the condition of the handbag. A Chanel bag is a no-brainer for a very first time purse buyer, however with the cost identify skyrocketing for a brand new one, I suggest getting a preloved Chanel! I really have made it a goal of my own to get a Chanel flap bag this year as well as I completely mean on going with the high-end resale market to get one.

Chloé Marcie tiny Crossbody satchel ($1,290)

Another purse classic, the Chloé Marcie tiny is one of my preferred bags. The Marcie is a contemporary day traditional as well as can work in any type of wardrobe. The tiny version is ideal on trend, making it a bOpzione EST per un amante della borsa per la prima volta. Riconoscibile nel suo rito mentre vola ancora sotto il radar senza loghi, la borsa Marcie deve essere messa immediatamente nel carrello.

GG NEO VINTAGE GG Ultimate Messenger Bag ($ 980)

First Premier Designer Acquista o no, sono follemente come con questa adorabile borsa da Gucci. Questa borsa a tracolla neo vintage è inferiore a $ 1.000, che per un acquirente molto tempo è un vantaggio significativo. Questa borsa mescola il famoso monogramma di Gucci con un tag logo Gucci in pelle. Gucci spiega questa borsa come omaggio alla storia del marchio, un cenno deliberato ai giorni di bagagli di fascia alta di Gucci.

Louis Vuitton Néonoé ($ 1,650)

Chiamami di parte, tuttavia Louis Vuitton è uno dei miei marchi preferiti per un acquirente di designer Premier. Il Néonoé è una commedia al largo delle borse storiche di Louis Vuitton del 1932 che furono originariamente create per portare bottiglie di champagne. Come appassionato appassionato di LV e un bevitore di champagne di routine, mi piacciono i tocchi contemporanei che questa borsa aggiunge al famoso inizio della casa come una società di bagagli di fascia alta. Adoro particolarmente il monogramma tradizionale con il poudre aumentato.

Se sei un acquirente della borsa per la prima volta, spero che questo elenco ti aiuti. Il mio consiglio? Non pensare troppo al tuo acquisto. Se una borsa parla con te e funziona finanziariamente per te, scegli e divertiti!

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